Photo of the Week - Starborn Arriving

Credit: X/VGVigilante

Credit: X/VGVigilante

We can’t get enough of how cool the Starborn are in Starfield. These are people who’ve gone through the Unity from one universe to another, carrying with them all their acquired skills and knowledge.

Plus, they’ve got a sleek-looking armor set with an imposing helmet that hides who they really are.

They’re so secretive that you only find out who the Hunter and the Emissary are at the end of your initial game, and they’re not even who you think they are!

That’s why we think this simple picture otherwise speaks volumes of how the Starborn is the pinnacle of humanity’s existence in Starfield, and that's why it's our photo of the week.

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Credit: X/VGVigilante

This snap was made by the Video Game Vigilante, who goes by the X username VGVigilante. They uploaded a gallery of three pictures on their X account that seems to tell the story of a Starborn infiltrating an unnamed outpost.

The subtle use of contrast and lighting hits the mark, and we can't help but think this snap has been made better by the graphical improvements brought by Update 1.9.51.

VGVigilante also has a picture of the Guardian imposed upon a planet, looking like a scene from Star Wars, and a close-up portrait of the Starborn aiming his weapon at an unseen target off-camera.

What do you, fellow explorers, think of this picture of the Starborn on a mission? Don’t forget to upload your snaps and use the hashtag #PortalSnapshot. If we can find your photographs, we can feature them as our Photo of the Week!

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