Why Is There an Ecliptic Garrison Guarding the Buried Temple?

starfield buried temple

starfield buried temple

Given its scope and size, it’s not a surprise, even to us, that there is a significant absence of lore to explain why things are the way they are in Starfield. For instance, why is a garrison of Ecliptics watching over the Temple?

More importantly, who put them there, and why do they seem to know there’s a Temple and an artifact to be secured from the inevitable intruders?

Of course, there’s no official lore about that one, but there’s no shortage of theories at the Starfield_lore subreddit.

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One user, Koach_CSR, proposed Benjamin Bayu as a possible sponsor of the Ecliptic garrison. Still, without in-game proof to back it up, he was refuted by BaaaNaaNaa, who suggested Walter Stroud instead.

The user suggested that Stroud already has the motive to find the artifacts, for which he has already established The Eye and Constellation. Added evidence is that he was even attacked by the Starborn Hunter, who BaaaNaaNaa theorized has an idea who or what the billionaire is.

User Mattes508 said his best bet is the Starborn piloting the third Guardian that the player encounters, who had probably discovered the Buried Temple first and hired the Ecliptic to keep watch for other would-be discoverers.

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Credit: Bethesda

The OP, Present-Secretary722, first thought that it might be the Hunter or the five other Guardians who lured the Ecliptic forces there, but said that they encountered a terminal describing the panic of the humans at the appearance of an “unknown ship with no markings.”

Present-Secretary722 said this is similar to how space security forces tend to panic at the sight of the player flying around with a Guardian.

We’d have to admit that Starfield as a game is pedestrian at this point after release. However, we look forward to the future DLC, Shattered Space, to flesh out more of the lore and add meaningful content to the game.

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