The Cloaking Tech Is No Longer Exclusive to the Starborn Guardian

starfield cloaking

starfield cloaking

The Starborn in Starfield are considered advanced beings in the fictional galaxy of Bethesda’s most successful RPG. Their armor, weapons, and ships have perks that surpass both the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective’s technologies.

One technology that gives the Starborn an edge is their ships Cloaking Technology. Imagine if your ship also has that perk - you’d hold your own in space combat, whether it’s against the UC Vanguard or a Crimson Fleet pirate vessel.

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Credit: Nexus

Fortunately, it’s now possible, thanks to a new mod on Nexus called Cloaking Shield Equipment, appropriately.

According to the modder, he was able to clone the functionality of Vanilla Com Spike, Conduction Grid, and Starborn Guardian Cloaking technologies. These capabilities are then added as a Perk, which loads onto your character once the mod has been installed into your Starfield game.

After loading the mod, you can add the perk manually using a console command found in the mod’s description page. You’ll next need to equip the Cloaking Device into a weapon slot so you can turn it on and off with a hotkey.

As for compatibility, the modder warns that this mod could interfere with other mods that edit the SpaceshipPartSummedValues entry. Aside from that, the creator said that the mod is relatively stable and will not require any future updates.

You no longer have to download the free mods on Nexus just to bring DLSS support to Starfield. That’s because Bethesda has already released the official update that will add the upscaling technology to the game, along with many other fixes.

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