Starfield - Terror Brew Walkthrough

new atlantis starfield

new atlantis starfield

A quest for a bag of coffee that will take you to the far edge of the universe. Is a bag of beans really worth it? Find out by playing through the quest Terror Brew.

How to Unlock Terror Brew

You can start the Terror Brew quest by talking to Markieff Sutherland in New Atlantis. Head to the Residential District and make your way to the Pioneer Tower. He'll be located on the ground floor in a corner of the Dawn's Roost restaurant. You might remember this place from the A Break At Dawn quest.

Terror Brew Walkthrough

Speak to Markieff Sutherland in Dawn's Roost

Markieff Sutherland is a pretentious man who can be found complaining about the taste of coffee at the Dawn's Roost. Ask him where he has had good coffee, and he'll bring up a story about beans fermented in the gut of an alien creature being exquisite.

starfield terror brew markief sutherland
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He hired someone to feed one such creature, but they got eaten alongside the beans. He wants you to retrieve them and offers 2000 Credits for doing so. You can use the Beast Hunter trait here to increase your reward up to 4000 Credits for being a specialist.

Head to Designated Planet

The chosen planet is random, but it's generally a planet in the far reaches of the Settled Systems. You'll have to make your way to some of the farthest Star Systems on the right side of the Star Map. It's possible to run into problems due to a lack of Grav Jump distance capabilities, in which case you'll have to upgrade your ship. Generally, you'll have to take several grav jumps and probably run into space combat.

starfield designated star system for terror brew quest
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Hunt the Predator

Once you're at the designated planet, you can land at the predator's location. The predator itself will also be a randomized creature. In our case, it was a level 35 Pack Crab.

starfield terror brew pack crab predator
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Kill the creature and take the beans and a data slate from its carcass.

starfield terror brew fermented coffee beans
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Read Kieran Cooper's Slate(Optional)

You can read Kieran Cooper's slate, where he complains about Markieff Sutherland trying to con him and never intending to pay. You learn about another deal he had cut where he'd sell the beans to a competitor to spite Sutherland.

starfield terror brew read the slate
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Return The Beans

You can now take several more grav jumps to return to New Atlantis eventually. Return to Markieff Sutherland and give him his beans for your agreed-upon 2000 Credits.

starfield terror brew give beans to sutherland
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Sell the Beans to the Competitor

If you don't like Sutherland's pompous attitude, you can always go over to the competitors. In this case, the competitor is a manager at Terrabrew, a coffee brand Sutherland despises. They intend to destroy the beans so nobody tries competing with their franchise. You get paid 3000 Credits instead of the previous 2000, and if you chose the Beast Hunter dialogue option, you can get 6000, making this a pretty lucrative option.

starfield terror brew give beans to terrabrew manager
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Terror Brew Quest Rewards

  • XP - 150
  • Credits - 2000/4000 or 3000/6000

That concludes our guide for the Terror Brew quest in Starfield. Try the Peacemaker questline if you're looking for more adventures in farther reaches of space.

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