Starfield Side Quests - Dead Stop

starfield dead stop mineral caverns

starfield dead stop mineral caverns

Starfield is full of Star Systems to explore and discover. Sometimes, these will have planets devoid of life, and other times, you might run into entire settlements. This is true for the Eleos Retreat, where a group of people are trying to create a rehabilitation center for convicts. However, things go wrong, and they'll need your help in the quest Dead Stop.

How to unlock Dead Stop

You can unlock the Dead Stop side quest by overhearing a radio transmission about Eleos Retreat in the Ixyll Star System. Hearing this will add an activity for you to check out the Eleos Retreat. You can go there and talk to Sloan to start the Eleos Retreat questline, which ends with getting your hands on a complete set of the legendary Peacemaker gear.

How to get to Ixyll II

Ixyll II is located in Ixyll, a fairly remote Star System located northeast of the Cheyenne and Kryx Star Systems. You can check out its location in the image below.

starfield dead stop ixyll location
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The first time you jump to the Ixyll Star System, you'll likely be in the orbit of Ixyll II.

starfield dead stop eleos retreat on ixyll ii
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Once you land at the Eleos Retreat location on Ixyll II, you can overhear a conversation about a missing worker.

starfield dead stop conversation on ixyll ii eleos retreat
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Starfield Dead Stop Walkthrough

Speak to Sloan

Talk to the leader of the Eleos Retreat, Sloan, about the issue with the missing person. You'll be able to offer to help them locate Kilman.

starfield dead stop speak to leader sloan
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Speak to Greg D'Angelo

Greg D'Angelo got injured while tracking down Kilman. Head inside and speak to him in his hospital bed to get Kilman's last known location.

starfield dead stop speak to greg-d-anglo
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Find Kilman

You'll have to head to the Mineral Caverns, which are roughly 400m away from Eleos Retreat. Make your way there and fight any creatures along the way. Once you're there, you can enter the luminescent cave.

starfield dead stop find kilman
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The cave will have a few level 25 creatures called the Pack Glowhands. Kill them and speak to Kilman, who will be cowering in fear. Speak to him, and he'll start following you.

starfield dead stop find kilman, kilman scared
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Return to the Eleos Retreat with Kilman

Exit the cave and fast-travel back to Eleos Retreat. Kilman will also teleport alongside you.

Listen to the Conversation

In the meeting between Sloan, Jonah, and Monika, Kilman will report that an unknown assailant kidnapped him, and the leader of the construction crew will demand that the culprit be found.

starfield dead stop listen to the conversation
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Speak to Sloan

After that conversation, you can speak to Sloan to finish the quest and receive your rewards. Sloan will ask you to help in tracking down the culprits. This will unlock the next quest, Ghost Hunt.

starfield dead stop listen to the conversation and speak to sloan
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Dead Stop Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 75
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Unlocks Ghost Hunt quest

That concludes the first part of the mysterious Eleos Retreat quest line. Find out who is targetting the new home of these convicts in the next quest, Ghost Hunt.

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