Starfield Starsap Tours Walkthrough

starfield starsap tours turbines in the background

starfield starsap tours turbines in the background

Starsap Tours is potentially the most peaceful quest in all of Starfield. The quest involves a walk around the city with a friendly host showing you all the sights.

Starsap Tours Walkthrough

Speak to Bill Starsap

Head to the city of New Homestead on Titan and make your way inside the building and into the museum. Once you walk inside, you'll see a Tour Guide Kiosk on the right.

starfield starsap tours starsap information kiosk
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Look at the right side and speak to Bill Starsap. He'll offer to give you a tour of the entirety of New Homestead at the cheap price of 100 Credits. But if you're someone who likes to know what they're paying for beforehand or is just too cheap to spare the guy 100 Credits, you can persuade him to lower the price to 0.

starfield starsap tours speak to bill starsap
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Follow Bill Starsap

Once you pay up or convince Bill, your tour will start, and you will have to follow him around the various important areas and sights of New Homestead.

  • New Homestead's Residential Area: First off, we're stopping at the residential area, which is quite cramped, according to Bill. You can look around and talk to the people here. Be sure to talk to the doctor and start the quest, Tourists Go Home. Speak to Bill again to move forward.
starfield starsap tours residential area
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  • New Homestead's Hydroponic Farms: Next up, we have the hydroponic farms responsible for maintaining the atmosphere and food at New Homestead. You can talk to the farmers and learn all about their methods.
starfield starsap tours hydroponic farms
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  • New Homestead's Power Turbines: Now we're heading outside to see the glorious turbines that have been powering it since its creation. They've recently had some issues with them that you should help resolve in the quest, Brownout.
starfield starsap tours wind turbines
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  • New Homestead's Methane Processing Plant: The Methane processing plant is the source of all the fuel extracted at New Homestead and makes up a significant chunk of the local economy. Bill remarks how wars were fought over it on Earth.
starfield starsap tours methane plant
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  • Ymir's Horn: Next up, we have one of Starfield's most impressive natural landmarks, the Ymir's Horn. Bill gives a lore dump about Norse mythology and the name.
starfield starsap tours ymir's horn
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  • Ice Mines: Next up, go inside New Homestead and check the underground mining area. The workers here are doing dangerous labor; you can ask them all about it.
starfield starsap tours workers in ice mines
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  • Brown Horse Tavern: Welcome to the oldest restaurant in the Settled Systems. Here, you'll find some delicious homemade earth meals whose recipes have been passed down to the same family of caretakers.
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starfield starsap tours brown horse tavern
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  • Museum: Your final stop is near where you started at the New Homestead Museum. Here, you will find Maurice Lyon, who is the museum curator and will tell you all about the history of the objects assembled here.
starfield starsap tours maurice the curator of the museum
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Talk to Bill Starsap

Now that you're done with the tour of New Homestead, you have to talk to Bill Starsap one last time and give him some feedback. Your answer doesn't change anything, but seeing the guy so happy for the positive feedback is nice. Of course, you can always choose to call it stupid if you prefer making evil decisions.

Starsap Tours Quest Rewards

  • XP - 220
  • A cute tour

That concludes our guide for the Starsap Tours quest in Starfield. If you're looking for more stuff to do in New Homestead, try out the

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