Starfield Side Quest - Tourists Go Home

starfield wearing monster costume in new homestead museum during tourists go home quest

starfield wearing monster costume in new homestead museum during tourists go home quest

Starfield is full of lots of different outfits and spacesuits. However, very few of them are as unique as the Monster Costume. If you're interested in getting the Monster Costume, you must partake in a strange quest in New Homestead. Today, we'll learn how to unlock the Tourists Go Home quest in New Homestead and how to get the Monster Costume.

Tourists Go Home Walkthrough

Go to New Homestead

Head to Titan, the moon of Saturn in the Sol System, and make landfall at the city of New Homestead.

starfield go away tourists new homestead location
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Head inside and go straight till you go down a flight of stairs into the main museum. Once inside, go left from the information Kiosk and down another flight of stairs till you reach the Clinic on your left.

starfield go away tourists new homestead clinic
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Speak to Doctor Giuliana

You can head inside the Clinic and speak to Doctor Giuliana. She is concerned about all the tourists getting injured due to carelessness and using up the medical supplies meant for the locals.

starfield go away tourists speak to doctor giuliana
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She has devised a plan that involves trying to scare them away by dressing up as a monster.

Wear the Costume

Wear the Monster Costume from the spacesuit section of your inventory. The tourists will only spawn if you're wearing this outfit.

starfield go away tourists wear monster costume from menu
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Scare the Tourists

Once you wear the costume, the tourist location will be marked. It'll be a pair of parents and one child with them. There's no need to attack them as you can approach them, and they'll start running away.

starfield go away tourists scaring the tourists
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Return to Giuliana

Return to the Clinic and speak to Giuliana. She'll be happy with your progress and give you your rewards. However, she'll take away the Monster Costume. She'll suggest you come back in a few days to try it out again for her.

starfield go away tourists scare the tourists and report to doctor
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How To Get the Monster Costume

You can get the Monster Costume by completing the Tourists Go Home quest thrice. You can repeat the quest two more times and follow the same steps. On the third attempt, Giuliana will reward you with a spare Monster Costume that she got her hands on.

starfield go away tourists repeat the quest
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Note that you get the same rewards for each iteration of the quest, making it pretty profitable. To get the quest to trigger again, simply sit on a nearby chair or bench and wait for a few hours of Titan time to pass. This time will be equal to several days in Universal Time and cause the quest to refresh.

Tourists Go Home Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 50
  • Credits - Level Dependant
  • Monster Costume

That concludes the guide on how to get the Monster Costume from the Tourists Go Home quest on New Homestead. If you're interested in more hidden side quests, try out the Eleos Retreat quest line.

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