Starfield Brownout Walkthrough

starfield brownout clearing the ice with cutter

starfield brownout clearing the ice with cutter

Brownout has you help one of the oldest colonies in the Settled Systems stay afloat during their power crisis. Go to Titan, the moon of Saturn, and help out the city of New Homestead.

How to Unlock Brownout

You can unlock the Brownout quest by talking to Joyce Osaka on the topmost floor of the New Homestead Settlement in the Energy Systems Office. When you enter the main lobby through the airlock, take the elevator on the right to the top floor. You will find Joyce Osaka in her office worrying about the power situation.

Brownout Walkthrough

Speak to Joyce Osaka

Speak to Joyce Osaka and select the option related to the recent Brownouts. You might hear about them from any of the local security guards. Offer to help her, and she'll tell you that you can fix the Brownouts or reduce them by removing ice from the machinery.

starfield brownout
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You can read the slate on the nearby table and learn that the United Colonies administration refuses to send new turbines due to their historical value and the reputation of New Homestead as a historic settlement.

Take the Cutter(Optional)

You'll need a Cutter to melt through or cut the ice from the various power generation machinery. If you forgot to bring one, it's not an issue, as Joyce has one lying right on her office desk, ready to go. Pick it up and head outside.

starfield brownout take the cutter
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Clear the Ice Deposits (0/5)

Once outside, your HUD will be marked with five different targets. Make your way to the power turbines on the right side first.

starfield brownout using cutter to remove ice
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You might've seen the machinery for power generation during the quest, Starsap Tours.

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Now, jump across the settlement to the other side to remove the ice on one more turbine and two power generators. Jumping will save stamina due to the low gravity of the planet. That'll take care of the ice problem.

starfield brownout ice on generators
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Return to Joyce

Tell Joyce Osaka that you've dealt with the ice on the turbines, and she'll tell you that power levels are a lot more stable now. That'll conclude the quest, and she'll reward you for helping.

starfield brownout return to joyce
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Brownout Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - Level Dependant

That concludes our guide for the quest Brownouts. If you're looking for a similar quest to help another struggling community, cut through some rocks in the quest Blast Zone in Akila City.

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