Ship of the Week - Modified Frontier From Starborn Guardian



Most of us are in awe of the Starborn Guardian, but it is actually “meh” for some players, except for its ability to go full stealth mode. That is why some players take advantage of the duplication glitch in the Starfield Ship Builder to create a custom ship that has all the parts they want plus the Guardian’s cloak-boost capabilities.

That’s what Redditor Chickensquare1 apparently did with his Frontier. The result? A Class B spacecraft with a Jump Range of 30 light-years, an impressive Mobility of 100, and a top speed of 100 on top of the much-coveted Cloak-Boost of the Guardian.

Aesthetically, the ship has an X-shaped exterior with “butterfly wings” on either side of the main cabin where the cockpit is. It also has a Gundam-like white finish with gold and purple accents. The creator even had someone ask if he’s a fan of the LSU Tigers American football team.

Chickensquare1 said that this is not only the first ship he had built by duplicating the Starborn Guardian into a custom ship, but it is also one of his favorite creations in the Ship Builder.

Chickensquare1 said that duping, as the technique is called, can be done on either Xbox or PC. It also doesn’t need any mods, although the initial duplicating process could be cumbersome and require multiple tries.

The two Starborn characters, the Emissary and the Hunter drive much of the game’s storyline. However, not much is known about their past lives in the official lore. Thankfully, some players like to play with the lore and have come up with interesting ideas about who these mysterious Starborn might be.

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