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starfield unity

starfield unity

By now, all players of Starfield who have done more than one New Game+ run-through know about Unity.

However, we rarely see players discuss the Unity beyond being the means for players to enter into a New Game while retaining their accumulated knowledge and leaving most of their equipment behind.

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Of course, the Unity itself and the motivations of the two Starborn - the Hunter and the Emissary - could inspire enough discussion to write a book on that specific part of the lore. One debate on the thread touched on something that most Starfield players have never thought about: what happens to the two Starborn when you pass through?

One commenter, Haplesswanderer98, theorized that the two Starborn stay behind to continue to stand guard and give a choice to whomever finds the Unity. StrikingOlives, however, countered that the Hunter will cross the Unity with the player should they side with his perspective.

The OP then suggested that there may have been universes where the Hunter lost to the Emissary and wondered how the Starborn made it out of that universe if the latter held all the cards.

This is when StrikingOlives suggested that the iteration of the Hunter the player gets at the end of NG0 is undefeated, while the Emissary he faces has had no victory yet. The Redditor backed this up by pointing to the in-game lore that Emissaries stay behind when they “win” in a specific universe while the Hunters move on.

StrikingOlives also theorized that Starborn don’t experience death at all but are instead reset into a new universe to try again without losing accumulated knowledge or experience.

What do you guys think of these theories? Are they plausible, or are they friendly to the lore?

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