Design Your Own Starfield Spacesuit and Have It Made

Starfield character standing on a planet holding a gun.

Starfield character standing on a planet holding a gun.

A couple of months ago, we featured a French lady who sewed her own Starfield suit up and posted it on X. If you don’t have the skill in sewing but have designs for a spacesuit in mind, you might be interested in joining the giveaway by Bethesda and its high-profile partner, the European Space Agency.

You’d get to win more than just bragging rights this time. You get to have your own design made according to your size and specifications by none other than the ESA! Aside from your spacesuit, you also get to win an Xbox Series X that comes with a limited-edition wireless controller and a themed headset.

Check out the video presentation by Bethesda and its partners below.

The contest has began yesterday, January 24, and will give interested participants 30 days to submit their designs. Once the submission window closes, the ESA, Microsoft, and Bethesda will get together to choose the sole - and lucky! - winner.

Once the winner is announced on March 8, they have until March 12 to claim their prizes from Bethesda.

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Credit: Bethesda/Tempur

This is not the first time, however, that Bethesda had partnered with a major entity to promote its newest space exploration RPG. Months ago, it had teamed up with furniture crafter Tempur to create the Starfield Gaming Chair.

The Gaming Chair is based on NASA specifications and used NASA-approved fabrics produced by Tempur to create the utmost gaming comfort. The chair was reportedly given to one lucky winner during a charity fundraiser in November.

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