Ship of the Week - Pokemon’s Charizard

charizard pokemon starfield ship

charizard pokemon starfield ship

Not only did Palworld overtake Starfield in terms of Steam performance, but it has also inevitably attracted the attention of Nintendo’s legal team. This was after players alleged that many of the Pals, or the game’s trademark creatures, seemed to be direct derivatives of many classic Pokemon.

In any case, that’s a story that we’ll be following closely as passionate gamers.

Has the sudden focus on Palworld and Pokemon inspired these Starfield players to build a new ship? This ship is visually similar to the Fire-based Pokemon, Charizard, and the player named it as such.

Charizard is a final evolution Pokemon, meaning it is the ultimate form of its base creature, Charmeleon. It is a flying, fire-breathing dragon whose most distinguishing attributes are its orange body, blue underwing accents, and flaming tail.

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Credit: Reddit

One look at the image above, and we know instantly that this ship is based on Charizard. The flaming tail is replaced by a long aft fuselage that ends in four exhaust pipes. The fuselage around consists of stacked fabs arranged to simulate a dragon’s broad shoulders and wings.

Unfortunately, the Redditor knaivey did not include a tutorial video, but the thread did describe their motivations for building the ship.

“I may not have Palworld yet, but I'm doing my best to live the Palworld life. In space,” he said.

So, that answers our question about whether or not the shipbuilder was inspired by the success of Palworld and the Nintendo drama that ensued.

Would you like to earn in-game credits for designing ships? You can download the Astroneer mod from Nexus. This mod gives you a mission board that involves ship design for clients in the galaxy, managed by a fully voiced NPC named Aria Collins, who also sells you the parts you need for the builds.

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