Become a Freelance Starship Engineer With the Astroneer Mod

starfield ship technician

starfield ship technician

Right now, the Ship Building feature in Starfield is pursued as a creative outlet by many of its loyal players and fans. There has never been an attempt to monetize Ship Building as it is always related only to the player, and Starfield is a single-player open-world RPG in the first place.

With the new Astroneering mod, however, your character can have a shot at earning credits building, designing, and upgrading ships in Starfield. That’s right, you can now build ships as an engineer for hire, giving you one more layer of gaming in Bethesda’s biggest RPG to date.

You can learn more about the mod by watching the video below.

In a nutshell, this new mod gives you a brand-new NPC named Aria Collins, who initiates dialogue that lets you dive into a Ship Building mission from which you can earn credits upon completing.

Aria is fully voiced - whether by AI or somebody the modder has hired, we don’t know - just like your vanilla NPCs like Vladimir that give away side quests in the game.

Once you’ve dived into Ship Building for others by talking to Aria, you’ll find that you can add ship components for free. However, Aria does not have all the parts initially, so you might find yourself grinding a little.

It does pay off - for every mission you complete, more ship parts are unlocked for Aria so you can do more without having to spend credits for components.

When done with the mission parameters as defined in the Mission Board, you can talk to Aria again and she’ll accept the ship and give you the promised credits. You’re then treated to an animation where the ship takes off into space never to be seen again.

If you’ve always loved buildings ships in Starfield, this mod gives you one more reason to pursue that hobby in-game.

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