Starfield Fans Grow Impatient With The Wait For Shattered Space

Starfield Has More Content Coming via Shattered Space DLC
Credit: Bethesda

Starfield Has More Content Coming via Shattered Space DLC
Credit: Bethesda

Players of Bethesda’s stellar action role-playing game Starfield are becoming restless as they await the arrival of the game’s expansion DLC, Shattered Space.

Before the end of 2023, Bethesda announced they are working on many things for Starfield this year. These include quality-of-life improvements, additional content, and new features. Among the important things they mentioned was Shattered Space, the story expansion that fans have been waiting for.

“And lastly, the team is hard at work on developing Shattered Space, our first major expansion coming next year,” Bethesda said. Per the developer, this major expansion will include new story content, new locations, gear, and so much more.

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Starfield has seen several updates since that end-of-year announcement, one each for January, February, and March. However, Bethesda has not mentioned when it will release the highly anticipated Shattered Space DLC, making fans impatient.

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Fans just can’t wait for Shattered Space

Starfield players took to the internet to express their excitement and exasperation at waiting for the promised story expansion. A quick search for the terms “Starfield Shattered Space” on X, for example, will show varying posts from players:

For example, a certain JustinSaiyan said that even though he has already completed the game once, he’s excited to play it again, especially once Shattered Space arrives.

Portuguese X user Fernando Boaretto, on the other hand, listed a few improvements he wants to see in Starfield and added that he’s “Looking Forward to Shattered Space.”

Another player who goes by the handle @TheRealEnate shared a few images of the spaceship he built in the game and said he wants to use it once Shattered Space arrives.

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Shattered Space DLC Release Date

Starfield players eagerly wait for the Shattered Space DLC
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Credit: Bethesda
Starfield concept art

Bethesda hasn’t mentioned the upcoming DLC’s release date yet, but recent clues suggest it could arrive sooner rather than later.

According to a recent report from ScreenRant, Bethesda is stocking up on the Constellation Edition of Starfield. Players will know that this is the most expensive edition of the game, more costly than the base edition, which currently costs $48.99, and the Starfield Premium Edition, which currently sells for $66.99.

The Constellation Edition, priced at $300 during the game’s initial launch, contains the base game, in-game content such as the Constellation Skin Pack, and physical collectables such as a fully functional smartwatch that looks like the LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch players will see in the game. The Constellation Edition also includes access to the Shattered Space DLC when it becomes available to download.

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The report speculates that Bethesda’s restocking of the Constellation Edition indicates an expected increase in demand for the game and the collectables. This could also mean that the company is preparing to accommodate more players who haven’t tried the game yet but will do so once the Shattered Space DLC becomes available.

Or they could just have excess stock to clear.

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