Starfield: Todd Howard Teases City Maps, New Shipbuilding Features in Upcoming Update

todd howard comments on city maps for starfield

todd howard comments on city maps for starfield

Bethesda head Todd Howard sat down for an interview with Kinda Funny Games and revealed a big update that will add major features like display modes, new shipbuilding features, AND city maps to Starfield.

With all that hype around the Fallout live-action show and the announcement that it will air for a second season, news about Bethesda’s big space explorer, Starfield, dwindled. However, that doesn’t mean the big guy, Todd Howard, had forgotten about Bethesda’s newest baby throughout all this Fallout hype.

Yesterday, Todd sat down for an hour-long interview with the Kinda Funny Games podcast. The conversation touched on various topics, including Fallout 4, Larian’s Baldur’s Gate 3, and, inevitably, upcoming updates for Starfield. You can watch the entire interview below.

At around the 40:00 mark, Todd starts talking about a “big, big update” that should be announced this week and put into Steam Beta. When Greg asks what people can expect from this patch, Todd says that they’ve done the city maps, eliciting a silent cheer from the interviewer.

Players have been clamoring for detailed maps for various cities in Starfield, particularly the United Colonies capital in Jemison, New Atlantis. This was partially remedied by a mod that added a map, using it to replace the content in the billboards around that city.

Aside from city maps, Todd also said that they’ve decided to add some new features to the Shipbuilder mini-game. The executive noted that this unique feature of Starfield turned out to be well-received by the gaming community.

The interview also touched upon the highly anticipated Shattered Space DLC for Starfield, the Creation Kit for Starfield, and mod support for consoles.

Out of the three, it was only for Shattered Space that Todd mentioned a more concrete release date, which should be sometime in the Fall. He noted that the Creation Kit has been tested by members of its new Creation platform, although some Redditors already reached this conclusion about a couple of months ago.

Unfortunately, Todd also said they’re still committed to adding mod support for consoles but did not specify a release date.

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