Starfield Relief Run Walkthrough

starfield relief run speak to doctor manning

starfield relief run speak to doctor manning

Conditions are dire in Neon City, with all the Aurora overdoses and the local Reliant Medical suffering from it. Help them out and get some medical supplies in the quest Relief Run.

How to Unlock Relief Run

Make your way to Reliant Medical in Neon City. Once you enter the city, go to Bayu Plaza, and you'll see Reliant Medical in the same row as Newill's Goods and the Neon Security building. Head inside and speak to Doctor Joseph Manning.

Relief Run Walkthrough

Speak to Doctor Joseph Manning

Speak to Doctor Joseph Manning and ask him about the state of things. He'll complain that there aren't enough medical supplies available. You can offer to help him, and he'll ask you to get some supplies from his contact.

starfield relief run doctor manning
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Go to The Clinic

Doctor Joseph Manning's contact is located in the space station known as The Clinic in the orbit of the planet Narion.

starfield relief run the clinic
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Speak with Abbie Edding

Head inside, and you can speak to Abbie Edding in the main hall. She'll give you the resources and tell you that she's risking her job smuggling these through you because Doctor Joseph is a friend.

starfield relief run doctor abbie
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You can convince her to give you additional resources to net you more Credits from Doctor Joseph. It's a three-try persuasion check with 4 bars.

Return to Joseph

Return to Doctor Joseph in Neon City and give him the Medical Supplies. He'll be thankful, reward you, and increase it if you get extra supplies.

starfield relief run return to doctor joseph
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Relief Run Quest Rewards

  • XP - 110
  • Credits - Level Dependant
starfield relief run quest rewards
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That concludes the quest Relief Run from Neon City. You can do more quests in Neon City, such as the Ebbside Striker storyline.

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