Starfield Side Quest - Fishy Business

starfield fishy business xenofresh seafood logo in xenofresh industries office

starfield fishy business xenofresh seafood logo in xenofresh industries office

Neon is full of people trying to leave Ebbside and live the good life. One person trying to climb the ladder is Yannick Legrande, and he has you embroiled in his Aurora smuggling plans. Infiltrate Xenofresh Industries and learn to manufacture Aurora in the quest Fishy Business.

How to Unlock Fishy Business?

Fishy Business is the second quest in the storyline involving an up-and-coming Aurora dealer in Neon City. You unlock it if you decide to work with Yannick Legrande after completing the quest, Loose Ends.

Fishy Business Walkthrough

Research Performance Enhancement 1

The basic requirement of getting hired as a chemist at Xenofresh is knowing how to create Amps. You can use Yannick's research station next to the counter if you still need to complete this research. He already gave you the materials for Performance Enhancement 1 in the previous quest.

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Talk to Amanda Oxendine

Now it's time to apply for a job at Xenofresh. Head to the elevator next to the Astral Lounge and navigate to the Xenofresh Corporate HQ floor. Once here, speak to the receptionist, Amanda Oxendine, about the job.

starfield fishy business speak to amanda oxendine
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Apply For a Job at the Computer

She'll point you to a computer on the left. Interact with it and answer whatever you want, as you'll get the job regardless.

starfield fishy business apply for job at computer
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Talk to Amanda Oxendine

Return to Amanda, and she'll tell you you've been shortlisted for an interview at their production facility.

starfield fishy business speak to amanda again
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Head to the Xenofresh Production Facility at the Underbelly. You'll know you're there when you reach the giant creepy fish hanging from the ceiling.

starfield fishy business outside the factory
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Report to Valentina Gurov

Head inside and talk to the person in charge here, Valentina Gurov. She'll tell you they're always looking for workers so you can start immediately.

starfield fishy business speak to valentina gurov
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Put on the Xenofresh Clean Suit

She'll give you a Xenofresh Clean Suit to wear during production. Make sure to wear it, as you can develop an addiction otherwise.

starfield fishy business wear xenofresh clean suit
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Follow Valentina Gurov

Follow Valentina downstairs, and she'll give you a brief rundown on what you need to do and how they operate.

Talk to Valentina Gurov

Speak to her again, and she'll tell you she'll let you do a trial shift on the first batch.

starfield fishy business valentina gurov instructions
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Start Your Shift

Hit the switch on the production machine to start your shift. Producing Aurora has three parts:

  • Grab Materials from the Ingredient Hopper.
  • Produce Raw Aurora at Pharmaceutical Lab.
  • Deposit Materials at the Assembly Hopper.

Repeat this thrice for a full shift.

starfield fishy business factory floor
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Time is of the essence, as you'll only have a minute to produce each batch for 900 Credits each. If you take longer than a minute or mess up, she'll dock your pay. If you take over 90 seconds, she'll have you start over again.

Get Ingredients from the Ingredient Hopper

The Ingredient hopper will give you a bunch of materials, but the ones you need are:

starfield fishy business factory floor ingredients from hopper
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You must grab only the specific materials you need from the transfer window. Otherwise, your pay gets cut from 900 Credits to 400 Credits, no matter how fast you are.

Craft Aurora at the Pharmaceutical Lab

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Head to the Pharmaceutical Lab on the left and produce one piece of Aurora.

starfield fishy business craft aurora recipe
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Deposit Aurora at the Assembly Hopper

Run to the assembly hopper and deposit the Aurora you produced through the transfer window.

starfield fishy business deposite aurora
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Manufacture Three Doses of Aurora

Return to the Ingredient Hopper and repeat this process three times to complete one shift.

Find Neshar's Contact in the Break Room

Meet Neshar's inside contact in the break room adjacent to the production room. Speak to a woman named Robie Hennigar and tell her the plan is still working.

speak to robby hennigar
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Return to Yannick Legrande

Now it's time to return to Legrande's Liquors to update Yannick on your progress. However, there seem to be some uninvited guests causing a ruckus.

Talk to Benjamin Bayu

Nothing in Neon City happens without Benjamin Bayu finding out, and that's precisely what happened here. At first, he'll want to dispose of Yannick. However, speak to him about how viable your business plan is, and he'll let you go after saying he'll take a 20% cut.

speak to benjamin bayu in starfield fishy business
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Fishy Business Quest Rewards

  • XP - 75
  • Credits - 6000 (Level dependant)
  • Xenofresh Safe Suit
  • Supply Line Quest

That concludes our walkthrough for the quest Fishy Business. If you want to conclude Yannick's questline and get the Aurora Recipe, you can do so in the last quest, Supply Run.

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