Starfield Radio Modder Makes Final Update Before the Creation Kit

djborealus starfield astral lounge dj

djborealus starfield astral lounge dj

The Starfield Galactic Radio mod is the closest Starfield players can get to an experience similar to the Pip-Boy Radio in the Fallout franchise. The modder has announced one last update to the mod before the Starfield Creation Kit drops but promises more in the future.

Player immersion in Starfield suffers immensely from the lack of in-game radio, a feature that is otherwise integral to its predecessor franchise, Fallout.

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Fortunately, a modder has stepped up to provide a temporary solution to that lacking feature a few weeks after launch. The result is the Starfield Galactic Radio mod, initially available only to PC players.

The first option was to use an INI file to define a playlist or media source the mod plays in the background while the player goes about their business in Starfield.

It was also possible to visit a website to use a browser-based version of the mod. This version adds the option to organize music into genres, although the only intervention the player can do is press a button.

The modder has posted an update in the original thread where he introduced the mod to the Starfield community. He summarized the new additions to the mod as follows:

There is now a radio station in the mod called SOLAR FLARES. This particular station specializes in curating electronic music, resulting in a playlist that’s three hours long. Are you a fan of the Astral Lounge DJ? This station has that content for you.

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The modder also said they added a second episode of Willy Kino’s THE BLACK BOX. For those unfamiliar, the show discusses juicy conspiracy theories about the Settled Systems and even has a segment that features messages from Starfield players that Kino responds to.

Last but not least, they have also organized the radio station’s music into a series of Spotify playlists for Xbox Series console players. They can stream music via their installed Spotify apps while playing the game.

The modder said this would be his last update in a long while, but he promised more content would come once Bethesda release the Creation Kit.

Todd Howard has not revealed any release date for the Creation Kit but did confirm the theory that they have facilitated a closed beta testing of the new version among members of the Creations platform.

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