Starfield Radio - Problem Solved

Dancers wearing wacky alien like costumes
Credit: Bethesda

Dancers wearing wacky alien like costumes
Credit: Bethesda

When fans think of Fallout, they have many things that remind them of the games. From the open world to the story, the freedom and the music. In Fallout the Pip-Boy has a built-in radio, fans have hoped that Starfield would also have this feature since the technology would be easily available.

Bethesda is most famous for its Elder Scrolls and Fallout franchises. Both series have won multiple accolades and Game of the Year awards, Starfield could be set to follow suit this September.

Does Starfield Have Radio Stations?

Todd Howard on stage E3 2015
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Credit: E3
The man behind it all, Todd Howard

This has been the question for many as we head towards Starfield's launch day. Fallout has a wonderful selection of music stations to tune in to and sing along with as you travel across the wasteland.

Starfield having such advanced technology should have radio stations, with it being set in the future and all. So, that leaves us to look over at Todd Howard for an answer to the question.

Speaking with Kinda Funny during an interview with the Xcast crew, Todd Howard answered a fan question on whether Starfield has any radio stations. Todd replied: “There is one, but it is pretty much local to a certain location. It’s not something you can dial into when you’re away but there is a little bit of that I would say.

Sadly, it does not sound like we will have an intergalactic radio station to jam along with throughout the cosmos. It sounds more like regional broadcasts might play when in certain cities, or on one of the planets. However, one fan may just have the answer for us all.

Starfield Radio Fixed

A playlist named into the stars vol 1
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Credit: Reddit user u/knowhandlebars
A cosmic rock and roll treat

Over on Reddit, one user has posted their personal solution to the lack of space jams in the game. Reddit user u/knowhandlebars has created their very own selection of playlists over on Spotify and Apple Music.

Each playlist has been carefully selected to suit the mood of where you are in Starfield. These are public playlists, so be sure to add them to your music streaming platform of choice. We recommend Into The Stars Vol 1, as it is clearly Fallout inspired with the space-themed rock and roll selections featured.

All 3 playlists can be found on Apple Music and Spotify. Fire them on and bob your head to the beats as you blast off into the galaxy.

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