New Starfield Radio Comes Out, and It’s Browser-Based!

starfield radio

starfield radio

In-game radio is one of the things missing from Starfield, Bethesda’s brand-new space exploration RPG. Some people want the ability to listen to official in-game tunes like they could in Fallout. Still, there’s no indication from the developer if an iteration of that would be available for Starfield.

As expected, modders have stepped forward to create a mod called the Starfield Galactic Radio that would allow users to listen to in-game tunes using custom playlists they could define in their Starfield INI file and control using their keyboard.

However, such a mod is cumbersome to use and distracts from the game experience. Fortunately, a much better Starfield radio has been released that’s browser-based and needs no mod installation. Check it out using this link.

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This radio is linked to the Spotify playlists initially created during early access to compensate for the lack of an official Starfield radio in-game. PC users can go to the link, play the radio, and head to their Starfield game.

You can also choose your broadcast, which is a mix based on the Spotify Starfield playlists. To the right, you can also select playlists based on genre. If you want a more random experience, click on the “Tune In [Random]” button at the top of the interface.

Would you like to skip tracks or pause your music? You can do that with the Seek slider and the Pause/Resume button.

Like the initial Spotify fix, you can play this in the background while you’re out there blasting ships out of space or hoarding items wherever you may be in the game.

There’s no end to what modders can do for a game once they set their minds on it. They even crossed Futurama over to Starfield via a mod that replaces certain food items with their Futurama counterparts.

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