Now You Can Jam to Your Tunes With the Starfield Galactic Radio Mod

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space dj

Fans of Bethesda’s games would remember well that they could listen to a radio while exploring the wasteland of post-war Earth in the Fallout games. Sadly, that option was previously not possible for Bethesda’s newest open-world role-playing game, Starfield.

The lack of an in-game radio prompted a Reddit user to create three public playlists, called “Into the Stars” on Spotify and Apple Music. The user’s advice was to play the songs in the playlist while players immerse themselves in the world of Starfield.

All three playlists are composed of music that the Reddit user has carefully curated and determined to be apt for the mood while exploring the heavens in Starfield. They’re also available for free.

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However, this week, it’s now possible to have your own in-game radio in Starfield thanks to modder n00854180t on Nexus Mods.

This new mod is called, appropriately, “Starfield Galactic Radio.” When you install this mod, you can play your chosen tunes in-game. It includes customizable playlists you define through the .toml file that comes with the mod, as well as volume control and track skipping.

The mod even comes with a Podcast feature.

It’s not without its shortcomings, of course. The modder said that the mod does not support all media, and specifically mentioned that YouTube videos cannot be played.

With this new mod, you can now play the Into the Stars playlists without having to go to Spotify or Apple Music before you play. All you need to do is just add the URLs of these playlists into the mod’s .toml file.

It’s mindblowing how much work modders are putting into Starfield at this stage. There’s even a mod on the way that will allow you to romance Jack Sparrow in the game!

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