Starfield Preventative Action Walkthrough

starfield preventive action quest lets get started vae victis

starfield preventive action quest lets get started vae victis

Preventive Action is a repeatable side quest in Starfield, where you can help Vae Victis with his bounty-hunting targets to keep the peace in the United Colonies.

How to Unlock Preventive Action

You can only unlock the Preventive Action quests if you don't reveal Vae Victis' part in the Terrormorph attacks on New Atlantis during the UC Vanguard questline. After completing the questline, go to Subsection Seven of the MAST Building and speak to Vae Victis.

Preventive Action Walkthrough

Talk to Vae Victis

Speak to Vae Victis and tell him you're ready for the next job. You have to do this every time you start the quest. Speak into the intercom in front of Vae Victis to speak to him.

starfield preventive action next target
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Collect the Details on the Target

Vae Victis will drop a data slate into the Transfer System, and you can collect it for details on your target.

starfield preventive measures collect target details
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It will mark your target at a completely random planet with a random procedurally generated enemy outpost.

starfield preventive action nemeria ii-a location
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Eliminate the Target

Head to your marked location, and you'll find yourself at one of the various randomly generated combat locations. You'll have to fight through the forces there to reach your target. The quest will automatically end once you kill the target, and you'll get your rewards.

starfield preventive action rogue asset target
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Preventive Action Quest Rewards

  • XP - 125
  • Credits - 2000
starfield preventive action quest rewards
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That concludes our guide for the Preventive Measures quest. Feel free to repeat these bounty hunter missions to grind out some XP.

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