Starfield Player Creates Promising Video Series on Bounty Hunter Character

starfield the vagabond the astronaut constellation logo

starfield the vagabond the astronaut constellation logo

Bethesda’s space exploration RPG, Starfield, creates various opportunities for role-play in original stories set against the vast galaxy beyond Earth. The Vagabond, an original video series following the exploits of a Bounty Hunter named Ash, builds on this promise.

When Starfield came out in September, one of the well-loved features of the game was the opportunity to roleplay any character by creating a personalized build that can, more or less, be supported by a personal headcanon that fits perfectly into the game’s central lore.

In other words, you can create your own stories in Starfield if you take the time to produce the content. For example, look at this trailer for what appears to be a video series titled The Vagabond: A Starfield Saga.

Of course, this YouTube channel has no other videos yet, but it’s an interesting concept. A lone Bounty Hunter named Ash prowls through the Settled Systems living only aboard his ship and makes ends meet by pursuing bounties put up by clients across the galaxy.

The Bounty Hunter explicitly states that this is the only life he’s ever known, and he doesn’t bother at all with the moral implications of working for either faction of the Settled Systems. What’s important to him is the biggest Credstik offer he could get his hands on.

Hopefully, the creator will upload new content soon. We’ve subscribed just in case so we could follow Ash’s story as it comes along.

Exciting times are coming ahead for Starfield. Todd Howard has recently revealed that the Shattered Space DLC will be released by fall this year, but that’s not the only update coming - there’ll be a big one this week that will add city maps and other great features to the game.

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