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starfield unity

starfield unity

As players of Bethesda’s open-world RPG, Starfield, we’ve all faced the dilemma of jumping into Unity or staying in our current universe. Many of us have taken that proverbial leap of faith, while some have opted to remain in our first universes and tie up hundreds of loose ends before entering a new one.

However, few of us have photographed our player characters taking a deep breath before taking the plunge. X user macklinmont, however, has taken that time to take a self-portrait while their character stares into the abyss of the multiverse at the Unity portal.

What can we say? Well, this image illustrates all there is to say about the capabilities of Starfield’s Photo Mode. The depth of field is remarkable, allowing the photographer to focus intensely on the character while still putting Unity within the frame.

It’s almost like a visual metaphor of what it is like to cross into the Unity - your current universe is something you’re intimately familiar with, while the reality beyond the portal is hazy and unseen.

Moreover, the character’s pose speaks of the uncertainty felt before one makes that one step that takes him the furthest away from home that he’ll ever be.

As the OP said in his X post’s description: “It’s time…”

You’ll only be able to get into the Unity once you’ve decided to side with the Hunter or the Emissary or to fight both in the final mission. The enigmatic existence of these two Starborn has been discussed between Redditors, who brought up interesting theories on what they were doing in the multiverse.

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