New Mod Alters Functionality of Temples and Eliminates Grind

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Some puzzles in Starfield take too much time, and one of these is the temple quest line. You'll need to speak with Vladimir and ask him for directions to the next temple, go to that temple, finish its puzzles, and return to Vladimir again.

Imagine doing that for 239 more times. We understand that it may be too repetitive and monotonous for some players, especially those who want to speed-run the game. Thankfully, a modder over at Nexus Mod has created the perfect mod for this peeve - Simple Temple Overhaul.

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Credit: Nexus

With the current setup at Starfield, you’ll need to visit 24 temples ten times each to max out each of the powers they shell out. Some people get to NG+10 because they need to play through the game ten times to achieve that.

What this mod does is to make sure that the temples only grant their power once. Afterwards, they give out two Quantum Essence. So, how does one max out their powers in this arrangement? Well, they only need to go into Unity and enter a new game for the powers to advance by one rank.

Indeed, this mod provides a more reasonable approach towards grinding for powers and provides players a reason to visit temples if they want to. Hopefully, this change makes the game more enjoyable for some and the Unity more appealing.

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Credit: Bethesda

Speaking of Vladimir, another mod also came out this week, allowing you to skip the entire dialogue with him each time you approach him before going to the next temple. With this mod installed, you press Delete, and you’re automatically taken to the temple.

By the way, it's Halloween. Why don't you alter the theme of your Starfield game with the horror game mod for this month?

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