Starfield Player Captures Breathtaking Photos of an Impressive Planet

a picture of a planet with many rings
Credit: Bethesda and u/of_Oakland

a picture of a planet with many rings
Credit: Bethesda and u/of_Oakland

Bethesda’s Starfield has a multitude of stunning planets and moons, each containing multiple flora and fauna and distinct characteristics based on which biomes they are in. It is not uncommon to land on a distant planet only to see amazing visuals. However, one player may have found the best view in the galaxy.

Posted on Reddit by u/of_Oakland, the set of images features the planet Deepala, with them taking photos from its orbiting moon, Grimsey. Considered a gas giant, Deepala has a complex set of beautiful planetary rings, one of the best backdrops in all of the Settled Systems. Grimsey is also home to various inorganic resources such as iridium, plutonium, and vanadium and can be an optimal spot for building outposts.

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It is great that Bethesda added a sophisticated Photo Mode in Starfield, which players can use to take pictures of everything they see in the universe.

Photo Mode even allows players to capture photos of their spaceships during a travel sequence. It even displays the pictures on the loading screen, meaning players can enjoy their fantastic shots while waiting for the game to load up.

a picture of Deepala in Grimsey
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Credit: Bethesda and u/of_Oakland

With over 1,000 planets to explore and 120 different star systems, players will never run out of amazing places and things to encounter in Starfield. Bethesda did a great job creating these visuals, which amplifies the immersion of exploring the galaxy.

With the latest release of Update 4, players can enjoy better game performance and new quality-of-life improvements. The Shattered Space DLC will be released this year and may be announced in the upcoming Xbox Games Showcase.

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