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One of the strong points of Bethesda’s Starfield is its graphic quality, which had just received a boost from its latest patch. All players in Starfield are virtual photographers if they take some time from their busy lives to compose visually stunning captures from the game.

Some Starfield photographers just have the eye for such things, such as X user wintermute. Below is one of her most remarkable captures, which has the player’s character and one companion - probably Sarah - looking down at what seems to be a mine.

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Credit: X/wintermute

This differs from most pictures players take using the game’s Photo Mode. Wintermute’s snap has an extremely wide angle and is not player-centric. You’d think this is an establishing scene from a big-budget science fiction film, which it is not.

Head over to the full gallery on X. Wintermute, a member of the Framed Screenshot Community based on the #FramedSC hashtag on her post.

After receiving a significant overhaul of its graphic presentation via a patch, Starfield is poised to see even more of these improvements thanks to the FSR3 coming over through an upcoming update that’s currently on Steam Beta.

It had been mentioned by Starfield defender and Forbes entertainment author Paul Tassi that quality-of-life updates could save the game from plummeting player count and scores on Steam. As if on cue, Starfield recently saw a rise in its Steam score, hitting Mixed for the first time since plunging to Negative territory in late 2023.

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