Starfield Side Quest - Out On A Limb

starfield out on a limb orion tower

starfield out on a limb orion tower

The data gathered during A Tree Grows in New Atlantis shows troubling results. If Kelton does not get to the bottom of this issue, the tree could cause devastating consequences for New Atlantis's citizens. Help him get some data from Emilio Hadek in the quest Out On A Limb.

Out On A Limb Walkthrough

Speak to Kelton Frush

After completing the previous quest, speak to Kelton Frush, who will be waiting in the same spot, day or night. The man really loves his tree.

starfield out on a limb speak to kelton frush
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If the quest is not triggering, then sit on a nearby bench or bed and wait for 24 in-game Universal Time hours to pass. Kelton will tell you that he needs some research data from Emilio Hadek.

Talk to Emilio Hadek

Emilio Hadek is located outside The Lodge, where you found one of the sensors in the previous quest. Speak to him, and he'll reveal himself to be a bit of a selfish jerk. You can ask him for the Slate, but in return, he'll ask you to delete some files from a MAST Chief Engineer's terminal. Note that your companions will dislike this choice.

starfield out on a limb speak to emilio
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Obtain data from Emilio Hadek

If you don't feel like helping Emilio out, there are some alternate routes you can try out. Here's what you can do:

  • Use Persuasion and have him hand it over to you. Not a very difficult check.
  • Use Theft to pickpocket and steal the Slate while he's busy.
starfield out on a limb speak to emilio and steal the slate
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  • Kill him. Plain and simple. To avoid a bounty or getting your companions to dislike you, have them leave you and use a Silenced weapon from Stealth.
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Delete Files From the Terminal

If you accept his request, you'll have to go to the Orion Tower building near the back of The Lodge. Head inside the elevator and go upstairs. You'll have to lockpick a Novice lock to open the door.

starfield out on a limb locked door to chief engineer apartment
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Once inside, you need to interact with the terminal and delete Emilio's reports from the system. Once you've purged the files, you can leave, as there's nothing of value inside the apartment.

starfield out on a limb terminal in apartment to delete data
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Talk to Emilio Hadek

Return to Emilio, and he'll confirm that the changes are visible on his system and you've done your part. He will then hand you the Emilio's Slate.

starfield out on a limb return to emilio
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Deliver data to Kelton Frush

Return to Kelton Frush next to the tree and speak to him. You can hand over Emilio's Slate and finish the Out On A Limb quest.

starfield out on a limb return to kelton
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Out On A Limb Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Depends on Level
  • Unlocks Late Bloomer quest

With the Out On A Limb quest completed, we can finally head to the final quest to save the tree and New Atlantis during the quest Late Bloomer.

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