Starfield Olive Branch Walkthrough

Starfield Olive Branch

Starfield Olive Branch

Olive Branch is a small side quest in the MAST District of New Atlantis, where you need to plant a little seed for Nilesh.

How to Unlock Olive Branch

Start this quest by talking to Nilesh Sherazi in the Embassy District of New Atlantis. You can find him on the path between Aphelion Realty and the large tree in front of the MAST Tower.

starfield olive branch nilesh location
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Nilesh tells you that he used to work at the Interstellar Affairs office but was let go due to some disagreements with the management. After this, he tried to plant an olive seed on public property and was beaten up by the guard. Now, he wants you to plant the seed for him.

starfield olive branch talk to nilesh to start quest
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Olive Branch Walkthrough

Distract the Guard

Speak with Nilesh again and ask him to distract the guard. He yells in a panic about a crime report. This causes the guards to get distracted. If you attempt to plant the seed without causing a distraction, the guard nearby will intervene and stop you from planting it.

starfield olive branch talk to nilesh to distract the guard
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Alternatively, you can use a different distraction with a social skill, such as Manipulation, to force the guard to change locations.

starfield olive branch use manipulation to remove the guard
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The final, evilest option available is to kill the guard. You can do this without catching a bounty if you can pull it off with a silenced weapon or one that has stealth lasers.

Plant the Seed in the Soil Patch

Plant the seed in the soil patch while the guard is distracted(or dead). Crouch and sneak up to improve your chances of success, and do it when the bar above says you're hidden. If you don't have the stealth bar, consider putting a point into the Stealth skill.

starfield olive branch plant the seed
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Hand the Seed Over to the Guard (optional)

Instead of planting the seed, you can hand it over to the guard. Talk to the UC Security Guard and tell him you were asked to plant the seed. He will confiscate and get rid of the seed. The quest will end, and you will receive no rewards for doing this. It’s just a decision born out of spite.

starfield olive branch give seed to guard
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Return to Nilesh

After planting the seed, return to Nilesh and talk to him to receive your rewards.

starfield olive branch return to nilesh after success
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Olive Branch Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level Dependent
starfield olive branch rewards
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This concludes our guide for the Olive Branch quest. If you're looking for more quests in New Atlantis, try the Beautiful Secrets quest next!

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