Starfield Beautiful Secrets Walkthrough

starfield beautiful secrets all three locations whetstone terrabrew and walberg tower

starfield beautiful secrets all three locations whetstone terrabrew and walberg tower

Help the Enhance! branch at New Atlantis find their lost data slate containing confidential customer information in the quest Beautiful Secrets.

How to Unlock Beautiful Secrets

To unlock the Beautiful Secrets quest, you must first go to the Enhance! branch in New Atlantis. Go to the Commercial District and walk forward, staying to the left. Enhance! is on the ground floor of the second building to the left.

starfield beautiful secrets enhance location
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Head inside and speak to the owner, Warner Connell, at the front desk. He'll prattle about confidentiality, and you need to choose the dialogue option that talks about this to get him to confess his mistake.

starfield beautiful secrets warner dialogue
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He will then give you three locations that he has recently visited where he thinks he might have dropped the Slate.

Beautiful Secrets Walkthrough

Find Warner's Lost Data Slate

This quest has no map markers, and you must go in some vague direction to find the three locations. This search can be incredibly confusing as New Atlantis is massive. Luckily, all three locations are right next door.

starfield beautiful secrets warner locations
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Where is Terrabrew's Location?

When you walk out of Enhance!, look to your right and see an open space with chairs and coffee machines. This is the Terrabrew Warner was talking about.

starfield beautiful secrets terrabrew patio
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Where is Whetstone's Location?

If you make your way up the slope next to the Terrabrew, right up ahead, you will see a fancy-looking wall for a restaurant. This is the restaurant known as Whetstone.

starfield beautiful secrets whetstone
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You can find Warner's Data Slate inside Whetstone on top of a table in the back to the left.

Where is The Valberg Building Location?

The Valberg Building is to the left of Whetstone and has its name written all over the place. It's hard to miss if you found Whetstone already.

starfield beautiful secrets valberg tower
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Return the Enhance! Data Slate to Warner

Make your way back to Warner and give him the Data Slate. He'll be thankful and say that you've saved his business. He'll reward you for finding his Data Slate.

starfield beautiful secrets return to warner
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Beautiful Secrets Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - 3000
starfield beautiful secrets reward
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That concludes the Beautiful Secrets quest in New Atlantis. If you're in the neighborhood, pop by the local Galbank next door for a series of debt collection quests.

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