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vault boy with a space backdrop

vault boy with a space backdrop

Starfield is set to be a game that will be enjoyed for decades. Previous Bethesda titles, such as their Fallout franchise and The Elder Scrolls are widely played and still as popular today as they were at launch. A part of the game's longevity is thanks to the open attitude towards mods displayed by Todd Howard and his team.

We have already seen a steady flow of mods arriving for Starfield, mostly in the form of UI and graphical upgrades, but bring on the fan-made cosmetics. let's check out this new Fallout cap mod, bringing you two new stylish items to have your Starfield character wear across the galaxy!

nuka cola and vault tec caps
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Uploaded to Nexus Mods by user OkagrimGaming, this mod adds two new cosmetic items for you to personalise your Spacefarer with. As seen in the image above, two caps are included in the download, both flying the flag for Bethesda's beloved Fallout franchise.

One cap has the blue and yellow brand color scheme of Vault-Tec; a fictional company within Fallout who were behind the creation of the vaults. The second is a red Nuka Cola cap with the logo of the popular in-game drink found across the Wastelands.

We have seen some controversy this week within the modding community when a mod was released to remove the pronoun feature during the character setup; Nexus mods got involved and banned the mod from their site.

Will you be grabbing this download to bring a little Fallout style to Starfield? If these don't float your boat, perhaps the Hello Kitty mod packs will be more to your taste. Featuring the ever-popular feline character, there are mods that will allow you to customise your character's outfit, laser cutter and even Vasco!

Check out these cool cosmetic mods, and stick with us at Starfield Portal for all the latest and greatest additions to your game from the modding community.

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