Starfield Mods Will Add New Missions, Planets, And Stories

Starship near a huge planet
Credit: Bethesda

Starship near a huge planet
Credit: Bethesda

Pete Hines went in-depth on a few Starfield points that had previously not been covered by Bethesda officially. One of the most interesting parts was when he discussed modding in Starfield, the creation kit and the fact there can be whole planets as mods! We will get into this, and more below.

Starfield is now only one week away from early access now, September 1 is the date when we can all get our hands on the game via early access. We couldn't be more excited for the game, and Pete Hines gave us a mere taste of what will be possible via mods in the future.

Pete Hines

In a gamescom sit-down Q&A style session, Pete Hines commented on possible future mods for Starfield. He said the creation kit will be available post launch, that lines up with previous Bethesda games like Fallout 4 that received the Creation Club support six months after release.

Pete Hines at e3
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Credit: E3

The interesting thing he mentioned was regarding what modders will be able to create once they have their hands on the kit - entire planets! Yep, that's right, we may see entire new worlds made from the inventive modding scene. The possibilities of this revelation are just mind-boggling to consider.

Planet Skyrim?

In the past, we have seen rather large and ambitious mods hit Bethesda's titles. One example is Falskaar for Skyrim, this mod introduced a whole new storyline, NPC's with dialogue and an entirely new island to visit and adventure on.

A single planet is shown
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Credit: Bethesda

To think that modders could use the new creation kit to not only create new cities for Starfield but actual planets as well is just insane. The modding scene has kept decade old Bethesda games alive to this day, for Starfield, the scope and scale of not only the vanilla game, but the modding scene as well, is above and beyond anything we have seen before.

Get yourself ready for Starfield with our handy prep list, once you have read that, brush up on your knowledge of all the factions you can meet in Starfield. The final countdown is on and the finish line is in sight, make sure that you are ready for the adventure.

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