Mod of the Week - Vasco Becomes BD-1 From Star Wars

bd1 in starfield

bd1 in starfield

Vasco is as faithful as a companion can be, although we’ve seen glimpses of his past and what he can really do as a robot based on this post from Reddit. Some Starfield players, however, do seem to need Vasco changed into something or someone else from another movie or TV franchise.

In this case, you can transform Vasco into BD-1 by downloading this mod. BD-1 is the midget robot from the Star Wars Jedi Games sub-franchise. It can be weird to see Vasco transform into a bipedal talking mecha that’s as tall as a man into a similar-looking one that’s only as tall up to your knee.

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Credit: Nexus
Hey there, little man!

In any case, you can download the mod from Nexus by searching its name: BD-1 Vasco.

Of course, it’s not without its bugs. Despite the reduced size, the modder said that BD-1 retains Vasco’s heavy footsteps and tendency to kick up dirt while treading surfaces. You might also see him floating like a feather inside your ship or moving slowly.

The latter can be resolved by simply dismissing him as a companion and then taking him back again.

The modder, radicalclownfriend, also has other Star Wars-themed mods, including one that brings Obi-Wan Kenobi’s trademark brown robes as a reskin of a spacesuit in Starfield.

Starfield is among the top 20 games in terms of number of mods in Nexus for 2023. There are over 6,500 mods for the game on the website, with Star UI being the most popular, with 1.4 million downloads.

In the meantime, Bethesda is yet to release official modding support via the Creation Kit. Todd Howard previously said in an interview that he wants to do it in a big way and is scheduling the release for this year, 2024.

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