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We thought we knew all we would need to know about the characters in Starfield, but it appears that there might be some lore that Bethesda had not divulged to us yet. For starters, we only get a summary of Vasco’s history as a companion for the members of the Constellation.

If a recent find on Reddit is to be an indicator, it appears that Bethesda’s official lore has not dived that deeply into the faithful robot’s past. Is it something that we, as players, need to find out on our own?

A screenshot from Starfield showing a whiiteboard.
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The picture above was taken by Redditor kwhudgins21 over the weekend. They say they found this whiteboard at a random POI, but they did not specify which planet.

In any case, we see a picture of a Model A robot that bears plenty of similarities with VASCO - including the 119 designation - and has the caption “MISSING?” among others.

Redditor ACBreeki pointed out that VASCO is the only robot in Starfield has the VAS number scheme printed on its person while other Model A robots, like the lonely one that a player discovered on a civilian outpost, have only the Model A and serial number painted on their fuselage.

While we can assume that there are other VAS models from number 001 to 018, ACBreeki says that this only means that the robot in the pictures is none other than our friendly Constellation robot companion.

However, Unicode4all indicated that there is another VAS-119 robot in the Ecliptic garrison near the Buried Temple.

On the other hand, MountStupendous theorizes that this might be an Easter Egg that’s meant to encourage the player to delve more into VASCO’s backstory.

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