Bethesda Drop a Surprise Update Right Before 2023 Ends...

skyrim artwork dragonborn on mountain range

skyrim artwork dragonborn on mountain range

With the Creation Club taken down for maintenance, we’ve been hoping that it’s a sign that Todd Howard will drop the Starfield Creation Kit ahead of its promised release date, 2024. Fallout 4 was promised a next-gen update, and Starfield is begging for a huge patch, yet Todd said no to all of that. Perhaps being used to test out future Starfield updates or just to confuse fans before the new year, we have finally gotten - another major update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

In the end-of-year update, not one person expected, yet surprised fewer; we look into what may come to our beloved Settled Systems soon.

This update is why the Skyrim Mods website was also taken down with the Creation Club. Bethesda has been gearing up to combine all the mods and other fan-created content for Skyrim into Bethesda Game Studios Creations.

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Credit: Bethesda Creation Club

With Creations, players who upgraded to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition can now access all mods and other custom content through the in-game “Creations” menu.

Bethesda’s announcement also specified that creators can earn money from the platform by becoming a Verified Creator.

Aside from the Creations menu, the latest Skyrim update adds Steam Deck and Ultrawide Monitor support. The first feature ensures players can now play Skyrim wherever they may be through the portable handheld PC from Steam.

On the other hand, the Ultrawide Monitor support means that players can now enjoy the beautiful landscapes of the beloved Elder Scrolls game in full 4K resolution through their UHD PC monitors. Supported aspect ratios include 16:9, 16:10, 21:9, and 32:9.

Last but not least, the update fixed a load of bugs that had plagued Skyrim in its 12-year existence. For instance, Bethesda has optimized performance, so there’s no lag when playing a heavily modded game.

We’ll have to wait until Bethesda's highly anticipated Creation Kit for Starfield drops. In the meantime, we’ll try out this new Skyrim patch over the holidays.

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