Don’t Clear Your Bounty and Gain a New Companion

starfield companion

starfield companion

Clearing your bounty is, without a doubt, one of your main tasks in Starfield if you’re the sort that likes the road less traveled. It’s easy to do so - you just need to pay the bounty at any Trade Kiosk scattered throughout the Settled Systems.

Have you ever thought about what could happen if you did not clear your bounty and land on Jemison? Of course, security troops will attempt to catch you and put you in jail, which clears your bounty up once your jail stay is over.

For Redditor hey_you_too_buckaroo, however, he decided to try one thing - visit The Lodge with a bounty on his head. The Lodge is the headquarters of the Constellation and would be heavily guarded. What could be in store for them there?

Well, a new companion, that is.

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Credit: Reddit

In his post on Reddit, hey_you_too_buckaroo revealed that the NPC Noel will come charging out of the Lodge and duke it out with any security troops following you if you come near the place with a bounty.

That’s another way of gaining a new companion, but it’s not surprising given how Bethesda writes its story arcs. It also shows that you have several choices for companions outside of the four default NPCs you bring along - Sarah, Andreja, Sam, and Barrett.

One of the non-main companions you can bring is Rosie Tanner, who can become your de facto ship medic when you install this mod from Nexus. Although she cannot heal you in combat, it’s good to know you can return home to your ship and be healed by a team member.

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