Starfield Last Will and Testament Walkthrough

starfield last will and testament frank dialogue

starfield last will and testament frank dialogue

Last Will and Testament is one of the more interesting quests available in Akila City. It showcases the importance of certain parts of the city and their historical ties to the original settlers of Akila. During the quest, you'll get the choice to hand over a deed to remove Frank Langston from his property or let him retain his legally bought house.

How to Unlock Last Will and Testament

To unlock the Last Will and Testament quest, you must head into Akila City and straight towards The Rock. From here, go straight down the alley to the right side of The Rock until you see Elias Cartwright standing on a porch to your right. Speak to him about the history of the Core and ask him about Frank Langston to start the quest Last Will and Testament.

starfield last will and testament how to start quest
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Alternatively, you might get an activity marker for this by overhearing one of the locals.

Last Will and Testament Walkthrough

Speak to Elias Cartwright

Once you talk to Elias Cartwright, he'll complain about a hotshot from Neon City, who bought a residence in The Core. According to Elias, the man is rude and rotten. He asks if you can recover the last heir's will to find a way to return the home to its now rightful heir.

starfield last will and testament elias cartwright dialogue
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Go to Sahar's Farm

You can fast travel to Sahar's Farm. Once you get here, it'll have two large creatures in captivity and be overrun with Ashta.

starfield last will and testament sahar's farm
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Luckily, they have nothing on the Alpha Ashta and are a measly level 5. You can kill them all or ignore them and head inside the airlock.

Find Sahar Hasanov's Will

Inside, you will find Sahar Hasanov's Will inside a chest on the left side of the room. Collect it to complete the objective.

starfield last will and testament sahar's will
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You can also pick up a Shielded Lab Outfit from under the bed, as it can help you with research.

(Optional) Talk to Frank Langston about Sahar Hasanov's Will

Once you have Sahar Hasanov's Will, you have the option to go and talk to Frank Langston about it. Upon reaching the manor, you'll hear Langston talking with his girlfriend about his current plans. They're both very offended by the poor welcome in Akila and how the locals treat Frank like a criminal for legally purchasing the property. Frank is currently holding onto the house out of spite.

starfield last will and testament frank dialogue
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You can hand over Sahar Hasanov's Will to Frank, and he'll purchase it for 10000 Credits.

Talk to Elias Cartwright

Return to Elias Cartwright and either hand over Sahara Hasanov's Will or lie about never having found it. Regardless, your rewards will remain the same. If you hand it over, Elias will discuss how he plans to remove Frank Langston from the house legally.

starfield last will and testament rewards from elias
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Last Will and Testament Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - 2500 or 10000

That concludes our walkthrough for the last will quest. If you want to protect Akila City and its citizens from more Ashta attacks, consider the Ashta quest line.

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