Starfield Side Quest - Leader of the Pack

starfield leader of the pack alpha ashta

starfield leader of the pack alpha ashta

You might have found part of the cause for the irregular data and footprints in the previous quest, False Positives, but there's more to it than meets the eye. Keoni and Davis are on better terms, but they're both concerned about something dangerous lurking out there. It's time to face the Alpha Ashta in the quest Leader of the Pack.

Starfield Leader of the Pack Walkthrough

Wait 24 Hours UT

Like the previous quest, False Positives, you'll have to wait 24 hours at a seat, bench, or bed before this quest becomes available.

Talk to Keoni

Speak to Keoni, who will tell you that she and Davis are now on better terms, but she's concerned about how Davis has been going on patrols too much. She can track this with her sensors.

starfield speak to Keoni to start quest
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Talk to Davis

Speak to Davis about his continuous patrolling, and he'll tell you that he suspects there was more to the tracks you found than the Robot and group of Ashta.

starfield leader of the pack speak to davis
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Head out with Davis

Davis will ask you to accompany him on another patrol. On the way, he'll tell you stories about some truly fearsome Ashta variants that most people consider myths.

starfield leader of the pack follow davis outside
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Kill the Alpha Ashta

As you walk ahead, you'll be ambushed by an Alpha Ashta. This Ashta will be at a much higher level than the ones you ran into during False Positives. It'll be larger and have an elite modifier for extra health. It can be pretty tanky if you're not high-level enough.

starfield leader of the pack fight alpha ashta
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Keep Davis Alive(Optional)

You also have the optional objective of keeping Davis alive. Unless you're at a really low level and don't intervene, Davis won't die. Even your companions can take care of the Alpha Ashta. To kill Davis, you'd have to bait the Alpha Ashta into attacking him.

What happens if Davis dies?

There aren't any unique rewards to be gained from Davis's corpse, and you'll simply get a dialogue option with Keoni to report his death. You'll also get dialogue from Freestar Security NPCs about how much they respected Davis and miss how he's gone.

Speak to Davis

After dealing with the Alpha Ashta, speak to Davis, and he'll ask you to report these findings to Keoni.

starfield leader of the pack speak to davis about alpha
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Get the Despondent Assassin from Keoni

Report back to Keoni, and she'll be happy to get the approval from Davis. She'll also reward you with the Legendary Unique Weapon, Despondent Assassin. It's a perfect tool for Sniper builds. This will conclude the Leader of the Pack quest.

starfield leader of the pack get rewards from keoni including despondent assassin legendary unique rifle
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Leader of the Pack Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - 3500(Depends on Level)
  • Despondent Assassin

That concludes the walkthrough for Leader of the Pack and your Ashta hunting storyline from Akila City. For more Akila City adventures, why not join the Freestar Rangers in the quest, Deputized?

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