Helldivers 2 Passes Starfield’s Concurrent Player Peak on Steam

Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios/Bethesda

Credit: Arrowhead Game Studios/Bethesda

The weekend is the most opportune time for games to reach their concurrent player peaks - with many taking a well-deserved rest from school and work.

For Starfield fans and critics, however, it appears to be the best time of the week to see if any new game has surpassed what Bethesda’s latest sandbox RPG had put on the table.

Last weekend, we saw Starfield overtaken by another space game, and it’s none other than Helldivers 2.

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Credit: SteamDB

According to Steam DB’s data, Helldivers 2 had achieved an all-time peak in concurrent players at 3 am UTC today, Monday, February 19. In that hour, the charts show that 409,367 players had dived into its universe simultaneously.

By comparison, Starfield reached a concurrent peak of more than 330,000 players on September 10. It was, by all means, an achievement on its own since the game was only released on September 6. However, Starfield has since been overtaken by other games.

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Credit: Pocket Pair

For instance, Palworld made the rounds in gaming media after it surpassed Starfield’s launch figures, reaching 8 million players after just a few hours. It also surpassed Starfield’s concurrent player peak of all time, reaching 2.1 million on January 28.

Right now, Starfield also has a lower player count than its predecessor, the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. Both games hit 24-hour player peaks over the weekend of 11,409 and 33,033, respectively.

Of course, not all things are going bad for Bethesda’s newest fair-haired boy. After dipping into “Mostly Negative” territory in December, Starfield recently bounced back into "Mixed" with more positive reviews than negative following the launches of the first and second patches under its 2024 roadmap for Starfield.

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