Starfield - The First Mod

Explorer in spacesuit floats in the galaxy

Explorer in spacesuit floats in the galaxy

Starfield looks set to be one of Bethesda's biggest titles to date. With over 1000 worlds to discover and explore, the vanilla experience may be more than enough for some players. However, modders of the Starfield community are already hard at work to bring us the first known Starfield mod.

Bethesda games go hand in hand with the modding community and have now even gained popularity with console gamers thanks to their Creation Club. Included with the Skyrim Anniversary Edition from Bethesda's other well-known franchise; The Elder Scrolls. This patch updated the Skyrim Special Edition with mods from the Creation Club adding some great new content. However, let us backtrack a bit before we get ahead of ourselves as we explain just what a Creation Club is, as well as what mods are.

Creation Club

Wild West style Starfield meeting of the Freestar Collective
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Credit: Bethesda
Will Starfield Launch With Creation Club Support?

As stated on the official website : "Creation Club is a collection of all-new content for both Fallout 4 and Skyrim. It features new items, abilities, and gameplay created by Bethesda Games Studios and outside development partners including the best community creators. Creation Club content is fully curated and compatible with the main game and official add-ons."

Creation Club is a hub of curated extra content for Bethesda games from the studio themselves and the community. With that cleared up, let's look at what exactly a mod is.


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Could The Community Add New Ships Via Mods?

Mods, or modifications, are like updates for your game that add new features, balances, different in-game assets or even Thomas the Tank. What each mods function is depends on what the creator has intended for it to do. Some may add in new textures making the game look nicer, while others might bring a whole new set of quests or missions to play through.

Whatever mod you decide on installing, still keep in mind that often these are a work in progress and your game may not perform as intended. Get one that works well and you can elevate your game to whole new levels.

Starfield Mods

Now, you may have spotted the omission of Starfield on the Creators Club homepage. That is because they have not released Starfield at the time of writing. Starfield mods are almost a guarantee, so we hope that gamers on both PC and Xbox can enjoy them.

The Starfield community has already begun work on the first known Starfield mods. Over at Starfield Community Patch, recruitment for modders has begun, hoping to release the first Starfield mod close to launch. This patch will try to combat as many bugs as it can on release, as we all know Bethesda games have launched with a few bugs in the past.

A Space Explorer Comes Up Close To A Giant Preying Mantis
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Not That Kind Of Bug!

For Starfield's future mods, the community will be hard at work to add various new weapons to the arsenal, different items, wonderful custom characters or even brand-new cities.

So be sure to monitor Starfield Community Patch site for progress updates as we approach the launch of the game. So, while you are here, check out some of our other articles like Starfield Planets - Everything We Know So Far or even Starfield Creatures -All Enemies & Monsters Revealed.

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