Bethesda Rolls Out "Small" Hotfix to Remedy Quest Issues in Starfield

todd howard new starfield hotfix steam
Credit: Bethesda/Reddit

todd howard new starfield hotfix steam
Credit: Bethesda/Reddit

Bethesda’s team of 250 developers has been busy since the start of the New Year. They’ve rolled out two patches for Starfield, and a third will enter beta testing on Steam Beta tomorrow, March 6.

As if that’s not hectic enough, this team has also apparently implemented a surprise update on Steam.

According to the studio's official X account, they uploaded a small hotfix on Steam to fix glitches that prevented players from progressing in some quests.

This development was first spotted by Redditor ameliog who was sufficiently surprised when they logged in to play Starfield on the platform that they immediately took a screenshot and posted a thread.

User NeroToro earlier speculated that it was probably a “small hotfix” that would replace upwards of 700 MB of game files. BGS' subsequent announcement on X confirmed this.

User AdRem added that they are encountering similar silent updates on Game Pass of a similar size, while Odd_Challenge4247 claims to have the update on Xbox as well. However, their update is 2.6 GB in size.

mysterious updates steam db starfield
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Credit: Steam DB

This new update follows the discovery of the unknown updates spotted on SteamDB last week. These updates changed a large number of files beginning February 20.

At that time, Redditors theorized that this could either be the Shattered Space DLC or a closed beta of the Creation Kit that Todd Howard promised would drop in 2024.

Bethesda has not confirmed if those Steam DB updates are related to the new hotfix. As for the Shattered Space DLC, unknown downloadable content was added to Starfield’s Steam DB profile, further igniting rumors that it is coming earlier than expected.

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