Starfield's Next Patch Goes to Steam Beta on March 6

starfield player braves the asteroids
Credit: X/Bethesda

starfield player braves the asteroids
Credit: X/Bethesda

Bethesda is keeping true to its promises made in late December. The studio had announced that it would release a stream of updates for Starfield, with one rolling out six weeks after the previous.

The latest one, Update 1.9.67, brought several fixes, including FSR3 and a patch for Form ID mismanagement that caused crashes when the game had too many hours on it.

Update 1.9.67 entered the Steam Beta update on February 7, 2024, and became publicly available on February 20. While many players expected the next update to enter Steam Beta this week, Bethesda instead announced today that the next update will drop next week, on March 6.

Bethesda announced in its official X account that the update will bring quality-of-life improvements aside from bug fixes. While it has not yet released update notes on its official website, Bethesda revealed the following highlights:

  • Photo mode expressions for your character and companions - and new poses for Vasco!
  • Added ability to harvest resources and open doors with the scanner open
  • Added support for adjusting FOV in 3rd person ship view
  • Setting course on an inactive mission will now make that mission active
  • Tons of bug fixes, including fixes for the player's head turning left while sprinting, David Barron not being available at the SSNN in "Sabotage," and addressing some issues resulting in Starborn Temples not appearing correctly.
closed beta testing starfield creation kit 2
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Credit: Reddit
Steam DB

There are also mysterious updates popping up on the Starfield page on Steam DB. One eagle-eyed Redditor managed to spot a string of changes to the Starfield.exe file in the platform coming from the user ct_beta_verifiedcreator.

This has led to speculations that this could indicate a closed beta of the Creation Kit by Verified Creators in the new Game Studio Creations platform.

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