Starfield Gem Jealousy Walkthrough

starfield gem jealous guillaume dialogue

starfield gem jealous guillaume dialogue

Help out a Gem Collector in New Atlantis and retrieve a precious gem he lost to a rival in the quest Gem Jealousy.

How to Unlock Gem Jealousy

You can unlock the Gem Jealousy quest by speaking to Guillaume Degarmo in the TerreBrew Coffee shop in the New Atlantis Spaceport. Speak to him, and he'll talk about his Big Loss. Enquire further, and he'll ask you to help him retrieve his priceless gem from a rival collector named George Saint-George.

terrabrew coffee location in new atlantis
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Gem Jealousy Walkthrough

Make the Exchange with George Saint-George

Saint-George can be difficult to track down if you're playing with the quest marker disabled. This is because he likes to roam between Jemison Merchantile and the nearby Terrabrew Coffee area in the Commercial District. You might remember him from the Spreading the News quest.

starfield gem jealousy speak to guillaume
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Once you find him, you can talk to him about the situation, and he will be more than happy to trade off the Gem for the Old Earth Plate that Guillaume Degarmo gave you. He'll explain that while Guillaume Degarmo likes to be hostile and outwardly shows they are rivals, they are both very old friends.

starfield gem jealousy george saint george
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He also tells you that the Gem is practically worthless, and he would've returned it if Guillaume Degarmo asked him nicely.

Return to Guillaume Degarmo

With the Gem in hand, you can now return to Guillaume Degarmo, who will be delighted to see his Gem returned. He will give you your rewards and conclude the quest Gem Jealousy.

starfield gem jealousy return the gem
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Gem Jealousy Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level Dependant

It's a decent amount of XP for a pretty short and easy quest. Nothing near as much as what you can earn with our XP leveling methods, though!

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