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One of the funnier quests in Starfield involves an aspiring SNSS writer from New Atlantis who wants to make a name for himself and eventually become a news baron. To this end, he will recruit you to spread his review pieces in the Spreading the News quest.

How to Start Spreading the News Quest

You can start this quest by speaking to Tommy Bitlow. Tommy Bitlow is in New Atlantis and will be pacing around at the Spaceport. When you land at the Spaceport, make your way towards the city. When you walk forward, you will see two paths, and Tommy Bitlow will be located near the start of the right path. Speak to him and offer to help him to begin the quest.

Spreading the New Walkthrough

Speak to Tommy Bitlow

Make your way to Tommy Bitlow and speak to him about what he's currently up to. He wants to get his news out there to readers, and you can offer to help him. He'll give you three slates with different opinion pieces on each.

Starfield Spreading The News Speak to Tommy Bitlow
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We suggest reading these slates from your inventory if you want to know what you're in for.

Deliver Slate to Saint-George

The closest reader is Saint-George, who will be loitering around Terrabrew or Jemison Mercantile. Speak to him and hand him the Slate. Ask him for his review of the writing, and he'll go on a pretty funny verbal tirade against the piece of writing.

Starfield Spreading The News give slate to george
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When asked if he has any feedback for the author, he replies, "Stop Writing."

Deliver Slate to Catherine Alvarez

Next up, we have Catherine Alvarez, who will be hanging outside the Sanctum Universum building and ruminating about an experience with a Grav Jump. Her slate consists of several accusations and conspiracy theories about the church, and she's outright appalled and offended by the writing. Do some actual research, she says.

Starfield Spreading The News deliver slate to catherine alvarez
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Deliver Slate to Royce Elgin

Lastly, we have Royce Elgin, who you might recognize from the A Break At Dawn quest. Tommy has written a review that sounds like a hit piece against the Dawn's Roost restaurant—complaining about everything from the food to the ambiance to the service. Royce is naturally not overjoyed at reading this and suggests that the writer develop a pallet. It is pretentious, but he adds that half the items here aren't on the menu.

Starfield Spreading The News deliver slate to royce at dawn's roost
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Return to Tommy

Now you can return to Tommy, who is excited about how people reacted to his writing. You can tell him the truth or lie about their reactions, but your reward will be the same. If you tell him the truth, he'll say you can't please everyone and will keep trying. If you lie to him, he'll be happy and deluded.

Starfield Spreading The News give tommy a review
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Spreading The News Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Level dependent

That concludes the Spreading the News quest walkthrough. If you're interested in journalism, try the Primary Sources quest.

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