Starfield Side Quest - False Positives

starfield false positives east gate

starfield false positives east gate

False Positives is the second part of the Ashta hunting quest after completing Defensive Measures. The Ashta are behaving strangely, and both Keoni and Davis are concerned with what's going on. Help Davis discover the unlikely source of the disturbance in the quest False Positives.

False Positives Walkthrough

Wait 24 Hours (UT)

You can sit in a chair or lie down in a bed and wait for 24 hours to pass in Universal Time after completing the quest, Defensive Measures. Note that Universal Time is not the same as planetary time.

Talk to Keoni Alpin About the Data

Find Keoni Alpin, and she'll tell you that her data is giving her some dangerous readings. Furthermore, the Freestar Security members seem to be completely ignoring her. She requests that you speak to Davis Wilson on her behalf.

starfield false positives speak to kioni
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Talk to Davis Wilson

Speak to Davis Wilson, who will be mad at Keoni but also angry at the accusation that her data was tampered with. He'll tell you that he has also noticed some strange behavior from the Ashta and wants you to tag along and check it out.

starfield false positives speak to davis wilson about scanner data
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Go to the East Gate and Talk to Davis Wilson

Davis will head downstairs to the East Gate next to his patrol spot. You can join him immediately and head outside. He'll ask you to bring your best guns. Unnecessary.

starfield false positives ready to go with davis
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Follow Davis on Patrol

You can follow Davis, who'll comment on how irregular the Ashta tracks and movement seem. He'll be quite concerned about all of this.

starfield false positives davis commenting on footprints
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Eventually, you'll reach a spot with a modified and wrecked Freestar Security Robot that seems responsible for the footprints.

Defeat the Ashta

Three small Ashta will spawn from under the ground and surround you. Luckily, they're Level 5 only and weaker than their wild counterparts. Kill them with whatever you have handy.

starfield false positives ashta enemies
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Talk to Davis Wilson

Davis will be confused at the security robot and comment that this might be what interfered with Keoni's data. He'll ask you to return to the Akila City Barracks and check the security logs.

starfield false positives davis request for security logs
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Search the Security Logs in Barracks

Head back to the city and inside the Barracks. You'll find Baily Kirklin was responsible for the last commands to the corrupt security robot.

starfield false positives security logs
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Talk to Bailey Kirklin

Head outside and confront Baily Kirklin. You can extort some Credits from her, but your companions won't like this. Your companions will like it if you suggest that you ask for Davis to go easy on her. Your choice here won't affect any parts of the story.

starfield false positives speak to bailey
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Talk to Davis Wilson

You can lie to Davis Wilson or tell him the truth about what Bailey Kirklin did. This will conclude the False Positives quest. You now have to wait another 24 hours for the final part of this quest.

starfield false positives speak to davis about bailey
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False Positives Quest Rewards

  • EXP - 75
  • Credits - Leveled Amount of Credits

That concludes our guide for the False Positives quest in Starfield. Come face to face with the Alpha Ashta and get your hands on a unique legendary weapon in the final quest, Leader of the Pack.

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