Starfield Ebbside Strikers Quest - Showdown

starfield ebbside strikers showdown

starfield ebbside strikers showdown

It's time for the final battle between the Ebbside Strikers and the Disciples in the quest Showdown. Prepare for a shootout in the streets of Neon City, and make sure your team comes out on top. The quest also provides a conclusion to the Ebbside Strikers storyline.

Showdown Walkthrough

Get Armor From Newill's Goods(Optional)

Briggs gives you an optional objective to secure some high-quality armor from Newill's Goods. You can head to Neon City's Bayu Plaza and discuss the proposition with Newill. He'll agree, seeing how the Ebbside Strikers are the lesser of two evils, but he'll ask for 8000 Credits as payment. You can get him to take this down to 5000 Credits with Persuasion.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown convince newill dialogue
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You don't need to worry about the spent Credits, as you get them back at the end of the quest.

Speak to Vogal Fuches

To start your assault on the Disciples in the Ebbside, speak to Vogal Fuches, who is raring to go and thankful to you. You get assigned three Disciple hangout spots to hit.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown speak to vogal
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Clear Disciples Hangouts

You'll have to deal with Disciples on the Ebbside at three different hangout spots. They're Level 6 enemies with a few Level 10 enemies mixed in between them. They mostly use the Grendel and Equinox, so they shouldn't be too hard to deal with. Surprise them with a sudden grenade assault or stealth attacks.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown disciples hangout
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If they notice you, they'll either attack you, or you can persuade or pay them to stand down.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown disciples dialogue
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You must ensure that you do not accidentally harm civilians or fellow Ebbside Striker members during this quest. Doing so will result in you getting a bounty or all the Ebbside Striker members becoming hostile towards you. Owen Dexler will also attack you on sight, and these triggers will block the quest for you. Try to kill the Disciples with precise and targeted attacks.

Speak to Andrea Sandoval

Make your way to the Ebbside Strikers, assembled outside Warehouse 01. You can jetpack from the platform's other side if you're bold.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown speak to andrea
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Speak to Andrea and the rest of the team. They'll tell you this is the Disciple stronghold and ask how you want to approach the upcoming fight. You can choose to go solo or bring the whole team with you. The choice is yours. The threat inside isn't too serious, so maybe bring the Ebbside Strikers along for a more cinematic fight.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown speak to briggs on how to go in
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Defeat the Disciples

Clear the warehouse of all the Disciple goons lurking inside. The Neon Security forces will appear once you've cleared out the 6 to 7 enemies inside.

Speak to Owen Dexler

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Owen Dexler is the head of the Neon Security Forces. He says he's well aware of the gang's activities and your involvement with them. He gives you the gang two options. Get arrested by Neon Security or become recruits for them and fight the Disciples with them. You're also let off the hook.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown speak to owen dexler
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Speak to Briggs

Now, you'll have a final meeting with the Ebbside Strikers, and Briggs asks them if anyone has any objections to joining Neon Security. Nobody has objections as it allows them to earn a fair living and escape the Ebbside. Briggs thanks you for your involvement in everything.

starfield ebbside strikers showdown speak to briggs about owen's deal
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Showdown Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - Levelled Amount + Spacesuit Costs
  • Street Sweeper
starfield ebbside strikers showdown rewards
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You've helped clear out the maniacal Disciples and sent the Ebbside Strikers on a more lawful path. That's the conclusion of the Showdown walkthrough and the Ebbside Strikers minor faction questline.

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