How to Get the 10K Damage Debug Gun in Starfield

starfield overpowered debug gun character holding electromag rifle

starfield overpowered debug gun character holding electromag rifle

Starfield has various weapons and weapon mods at your disposal for those who invest in research skills. You can obtain and craft some truly powerful weapons that can trivialize all but the most powerful enemy. However, if you want to trivialize the entire game, one gun stands above the rest. This is the secret 10k damage Debug Gun hidden in Starfield.

Yes, you can get your hands on a weapon explicitly designed to one-shot enemies and mow down mobs of formidable enemies like the Starborn or Terrormorphs in seconds. So how do you get the 10 thousand damage Debug Gun in Starfield, and what is it?

What is the Starfield Debug Gun?

Believe it or not, the most overpowered gun in Starfield is the Equinox, or at least a modified version of it used as a Debug Gun. This isn't a joke. The readily available starting laser rifle has a modified version capable of dishing out 10K damage per shot. It's a modified version of the standard Equinox, and you'll get this Equinox along with its random modifiers and name. However, if you look at the damage stat, you'll notice that there's quite a difference in the amount of damage it can deal when compared to your average modified Equinox.

starfield 10k damage secret debug gun equinox with stats
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In fact, unlike standard laser weapons, this weapon deals 10000 Physical damage alongside a cute little 42 Energy damage.

How to Get the Debug Gun Equinox?

Getting the 10K damage Debug Gun requires a console command. Here's where this might be a dealbreaker for some of you. This secret weapon is so overpowered because it was meant to be a tool for the developers to use while debugging the game and testing out various enemies. They've conveniently left in the item code to be found within the game.

To get the overpowered Equinox, you need to open the console by pressing the ` key under the ESC key on the keyboard(Sorry, Xbox players). Then, you can type in the command 'player.additem 2cd599' and press enter. This will add an Equinox to your inventory that can deal over 10K damage. You can use the command multiple times for multiple overpowered Equinox's. However, after a couple of copies, the damage drops to around 2500 instead of 10K.

Note that this does qualify as a cheat code, and using the console will disqualify your save file from getting Starfield Achievements. If you don't care about those, use your brand-new overpowered weapon to wipe the floor with any enemy in your way.

That's all you need to know about the secret 10k damage debug gun in Starfield. While you're here, also learn about the best early spacesuits and best starships that you should keep an eye out for.

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