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An unfortunate meeting with a faction in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda

An unfortunate meeting with a faction in Starfield
Credit: Bethesda

Waiting for a game can feel like a lifetime. Especially when that game is the already legendary Starfield by Bethesda. Some fans like to take things to the next level and show off their creative sides. One fan has shown his passion through the creation of a Starfield keyboard.

The Waiting Game

Cosmonaut in a ships cockpit awaits launch
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Credit: Bethesda
Fans are hype for launch

Since its announcement, Starfield has been one of the most anticipated games in history. Coming from a highly respected studio at Bethesda led by Todd Howard, Starfield is set to make its mark in September.

Fandoms like the one Bethesda has amassed over the years do not come easily. The love and care shown in each of their franchise's worlds feel like they are crafted especially for us. Sometimes the fans like to share the love back to the studio by using their creativity to bring to life amazing items.

Starfield Merch

Already available for fans to purchase are a selection of Starfield-branded goodies. Be it the fantastic Starfield Xbox controller or the Official Xbox Starfield headset, there are some cool pieces of merch out there.

The contents of the Starfield Constellation Edition are shown
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Credit: Bethesda
The watch will be a rare item in years to come

Taking things a bit further, the Constellation Edition of the game comes with a real-life item from Starfield. The Starfield Explorer's Watch - LPV6 Chronomark, is a watch the player will have in the game. Functioning as a compass, heart monitor and more, the Chronomark watch is highly desirable.

For one fan all these pieces of merch weren't enough, however. Reddit user Painter2002 took to the Starfield subreddit to show off his creation. Having Starfield on both Xbox and PC platforms means that some players will choose mouse and keyboard controls over a standard controller.

A Starfield keyboard custom made by a fan
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Credit: Painter2002 via r/Starfield
This Starfield keyboard is fantastic

What better way to play with a mouse and keyboard than with an actual Starfield keyboard? Now while this is a one-of-a-kind custom fan-made item, it doesn't stop the rest of us drooling over it.

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