Fortnite Ventures Into the Wasteland With Fallout-Themed Content

a picture of a power armor in fortnite
Credit: Bethesda / Epic Games

a picture of a power armor in fortnite
Credit: Bethesda / Epic Games

Fortnite crosses universes with Fallout in its latest season called Wrecked. Starting May 24, this collaboration will feature various Fallout-themed items and content, creating an exciting combination of the two beloved video game franchises.

The Battle Pass for Fortnite's latest season, Wrecked, brings a major highlight for fans of both Fortnite and Fallout. The iconic T-60 Power Armor Outfit, courtesy of the esteemed Brotherhood of Steel, will be available in three distinct variants. This outfit allows Fortnite players to don the armor of the wasteland adventurers, adding a touch of rugged vibes to their characters.

a picture of a power armor in fortnite
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Credit: Bethesda / Epic Games

But the collaboration doesn't stop there. Players can earn Battle Stars through gameplay and experience, unlocking the animated Pip-Boy back bling—a faithful companion that reacts dynamically to in-game activities, immersing players deeper into the Fallout experience.

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Fans of the series will rejoice at the inclusion of Codsworth as an emote, paying homage to the loyal robotic butler from Fallout 4. Vault Boy emoticons and a new power armor spray will also be available, ensuring players can't miss the Fallout brand while playing Fortnite.

For those seeking even more Fallout flair, the Fortnite Shop has a special treat. It offers a new Back Bling featuring none other than the iconic Vault Boy, adding a touch of nostalgia and charm to players' loadouts.

In other Fallout news, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone leaks have indicated that a future Fallout Tracer Pack will be available for purchase. This Tracer Pack contains various items, including weapon skins, loading screens, and weapon charms.

Players and fans can expect an official announcement from Activision and Bethesda in the future. More Bethesda and Call Of Duty news details will be available during the Xbox Games Showcase in the upcoming month.

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