Starfield Balancing The Books Walkthrough

starfield balancing the books huong le lying next to dumpster

starfield balancing the books huong le lying next to dumpster

If you're taking part in the Ryujin Industries Questline, help out a fellow employee named Rafiq Hamza in his search for a Data Slate during the Balancing the Books quest.

How to Unlock Balancing the Books

You can find Rafiq Hamza next to Imogene's office on the Operations Floor of the Ryujin Industries Towers in Neon City. Neon City is located on Volii Alpha in the Volii Star System. Speak to him to start the quest.

starfield balancing the books ryujin tower
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Balancing the Books Walkthrough

Talk to Rafiq Hamza

Speak to Rafiq Hamza, and he'll tell you about a data slate with sensitive information that seems to have been misplaced and thrown in the dump. Recruit the help of Huong Le, who makes her living by scrounging trash to locate the Slate.

starfield balancing the books talk to rafiq hamza
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Speak to Huong Le

Go to Ebbside and up to the docks, where Huong Le is next to a trash can.

starfield balancing the books huong le dialogue
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Speak to her, and she'll tell you she found the slate, but you'll have to help her locate her missing spreadsheets. You can let her keep the slate as long as she deletes the materials, but this will result in reduced rewards from Rafiq Hamza.

Find the Spreadsheets Near the Employee Break Area

You must recover three spreadsheets from the nearby Employee Break Area. The first will be lying on the floor next to a table.

starfield balancing the books spreedsheats on floor
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The second is inside a locker and above the locker on top of the shed. Collect all three. Honestly, the entries on these are pretty miserable, and you should donate a couple of Credits her way.

starfield balancing the books rest of the spreadsheets
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Return to Huong Le

Return to Huong Le and hand her the spreadsheets. She'll thank you for the favor and happily hand over the data slate, saying she didn't look into it.

starfield balancing the books huong le thanks
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Return the Slate to Rafiq Hamza

Now, you just need to head back inside Ryujin Industries and hand the Data Slate back to Rafiq Hamza. He'll thank you for your discretion and give you several credits depending on whether you got the slate back.

starfield balancing the books rafiq hamza thanks
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Balancing The Books Quest Rewards

  • XP - 100
  • Credits - 1000 or 2000
starfield balancing the books quest rewards
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That concludes the Balancing the Books questline. If you want more work around Neon City, try the Ebbside Strikers questline.

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